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How Spiritual Growth Affects Your Relationship

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While it may seem trivial to some people, spiritual issues often affect long-term relationships. For that reason, it is advisable to consider how your spiritual growth or that of your partner can affect your relationship. With that in mind, you and your partner can learn to accept each other regardless of one’s spiritual standing.

In some instances, differences in the spiritual background have led to broken relations, especially where the partners are not able to make necessary compromises. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is to seek God’s intervention. You can take time with your partner to agree on most important aspects of your relationship. Activities such as camping or meditation can reveal some insights on the best solutions for your issues. For example, if you are a husband, this is the time to listen to your wife and understand what she wants to point out.

Spiritual growth and development are related to your feelings and to your relationship with God. If you surrender yourself to God, he can use you to improve the lives of other people and your community in general. If your relationship is not working because of your spiritual standing, you should look for solutions together with your partner without damaging your relationship.

Tread carefully

Spiritual issues are delicate, especially where they touch on relationships. Try to win your partner by example and action. When you contribute positively and build your relationship based on your spiritual growth, your partner is likely to join you.

Welcome the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit directs your steps in your spiritual journey. If you invite the Teacher into your relationship, you can be able to handle the thorny issues in your relationship and find the right solutions. The presence of the Holy Spirit in your relationship makes it easy for you to solve your issues amicably and within the confines of spiritual growth.


Reflecting on your relationship helps you understand where you are going. Look at where your relationship was a few years ago and where it stands now. Have you made any progress? How was your partner back then, and how is he now? Finding the right answers to these questions can help you discover some insights to help you advance in your faith and spiritual growth.

In the end, both of you should realize that spiritual growth is just as important as your relationship. You should not kill your relationship because of spiritual issues, nor should you compromise your spiritual growth because of relationship.

When you are faced with the issues of spiritual growth, it is important to consider the points mentioned in this article. For details on how to achieve your peak experience, you can visit the Aim Lower Journal website.