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Few Important Aspects That Can Help You Choose the Right Sleep Mask

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Sleep masks are a boon for people, who have difficulty sleeping in a place with a lot of light. Sleep masks are available in many designs. They help to completely block unwanted light, thereby ensuring a sound sleep. It is hence important to choose sleep masks that are comfortable and effectively block light.

Factors to consider while purchasing sleep masks

For a comfortable and sound sleep, it is advisable to consider the following factors before buying a sleep mask.

Light blocking ability

If you plan to wear the mask in locations which get bright light, it is advisable to select a mask that effectively blocks 99% to 100% light. Larger size sleep masks offer a better fit on the face and can hence prevent creeping of light from the sides of the mask.

Therapeutic sleep masks

You can also choose from amongst various kinds of sleep masks that have therapeutic properties. Some sleep masks utilize light therapy to enhance the focusing ability of the mind and induce sleep. Aromatherapy sleep masks are fitted with herb sachets. The fragrance of the herbs helps in relaxation and induces sleep.

The profile of the mask

Before purchasing a sleep mask it is important to ascertain its usage. Light sleep masks being flexible are good for travelling purposes but have lower light blocking capabilities. For better light blocking, it is advisable to select a sleep mask made of thicker and opaque material.


It is advisable to select sleep masks made of absorbent materials. Certain materials may cause eye irritation due to their inability to absorb sweat. It is hence advisable to select masks made of breathable materials. For high quality sleep masks, you can log on to

Eye Space

An important consideration while buying sleep masks is to ensure that the fabric does not touch the hollow eye space. Sleep masks that touch the eyelashes may be a cause of discomfort.

Types of available sleep masks

Sleep masks can be beneficial in promoting better sleep. The right fit sleep mask made of good quality material can ensure that you get sound sleep.