Curious how others can wax a car in no time and still ensure a good final result? The answer is fairly simple and stays in your education. If you think that you can just wash the car, dry it and apply wax on it, you should reconsider this strategy. Learning how to apply fresh wax on a car is not as easy. Instead, you need a perfect preparation and more than just water and a shampoo. At the same time, ensure that you buy the car wax from a reputable seller. Look for online deals because they are a lot more cost efficient. Basically, you can purchase a high quality product without spending a fortune. A little research and a few reviews might provide a cheaper price than most random products around local stores. Finally, a few tips and tricks from professionals will lead to a better gloss, as well as a more durable protection. So what should you know about this field? Where is the catch and what are the secrets?

First of all, ensure that you use the right tools for this procedure. You need clean and soft cloths for a good final result. Make sure that you opt for micro fiber cloths and avoid synthetic materials. Generally, 100% cotton is ideal. A sponge might look like a good option too, but it is very likely to contain some grime and grit, even if it is perfectly natural. Mechanical buffers represent an even better solution, but they ask for a little experience. Try them on other car parts if you have some extra parts around and never on your car first. If you do not, just stick to the classic and more time consuming method.

Second, it is said that preparation is everything. Therefore, it takes more time to prepare the car than to wax it. Normally, wax is used to protect the appearance of your vehicle. You do not need wax to achieve a new shine, but to protect it. Make sure that you work on the paint a little before sealing it. Come up with the perfect gloss and seal it accordingly. If your car is ten years old and it has never “seen” any wax, you might need to rely on a car polish procedure too. Unless you have the experience to do it, it might be wiser to just head to a professional garage instead.

Last, but not least, detail everything, but especially the trim. Take your time and clear any unpainted trim with a top notch protective substance. The respective substance is supposed to go on the cloth, then wiped on the trim. Use a second clean cloth to wipe it off. Most people (including many professionals) skip this step because it does not seem too relevant. However, the truth is that attention to small details is what makes the difference between a quality result and a worthless one. Remember that less is more when putting the wax coat on. Exaggerating will make the curing process longer, but buffing will also become very frustrating. You should know that you just need a thin layer to protect the paint against dirt and water.

With these special considerations in mind, conducting the waxing procedure on your own is a very enticing procedure. If you love your car, you will most likely love the new appearance too. Take your time and do it by the book, regardless of how painful the rotative movements seem to be. If you feel tired, expand the operation over two days. Just make sure that no body part is left unfinished before taking a break.