Adblue is also commonly known as the Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It is actually an aqueous urea solution that is a mixture of high purity urea and deionised water, in the ratio of 32.5 percent and 67.5 percent respectively. The Adblue is a solution that is highly useful in the Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, which is fitted with the exhaust of the vehicle and helps in reducing the harmful emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide in the air. According to the new pollution control guidelines, this system has become a highly significant aspect that contributes greatly in reducing the pollution.

According to the Euro 4 Diesel engine emission legislation, the use of Adblue has become pivotal to meet the guidelines effectively. The trend of vehicle engines fitted with SCR technology is catching up, and soon there would be thousands of trucks and vehicles that would be using this new technology to help contribute in saving the environment. However, there are many problems that the users might face with the Adblue, because first of all, the people are not used to using Adblue. And, it will take time for the Adblue to become a necessity for all the users. This is why many users would want to go for the Adblue Removal. The main reasons why people go for Adblue Removal are –

  • There is a huge cost associated with using Adblue. Around 1.5 litres of Adblue fluid is needed for every 100 km, which means additional cost. Considering annual expenses on Adblue, it sums up to be a handsome amount.


  • The SCR technology that uses the Adblue fluid is very sensitive and if there are any impurities found in the Adblue solution, there can be problems with the SCR unit. The repairing costs can be really high for that. Also, it is not an easy job to maintain such a sensitive technology for many people.


  • If the truck or bus that has an SCR system, it is essential to have an adequate amount of Adblue in the tank. If the Adblue runs out, the vehicle might stop or get into the Limp mode.


  • Even though there are cheaper Adblue solutions available, they are not recommended by the Adblue and it voids the warranty if the cheaper or diluted Adblue solution is found in the Adblue tank.


Adblue removal seems like an obvious choice of many people who want to lower their operating cost. As the SCR system is mostly found in trucks, bus and heavy vehicles, the commercial house that owns it find it difficult to maintain expensive SCR technology and add to their annual expenses. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to go for Adblue removal. For best quotes on Adblue removal services, you may visit Ecuflash.